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It gives us great pleasure to report that Elsie Taylor from year 6 has recently represented Wales in the 'Gaia International Gymnastics' competition in Portugal. This follows on from her achievements 2 years ago, when she competed in America.

This is the first time that Portugal has hosted an International Artistic Gymnastic competition, where the competitions are similar to what we see in the Olympics with the 'bars, beam, volt & floor' aspects.  It was an invitation competition so Elsie and the Neath Afan club were privileged to compete.

Elsie won her competition and was honored to stand on top of the podium where the national anthem was played to celebrate her success. She competed against gymnastics from ten other countries and won with a distinctive margin.

As well as competing Elsie had a memorable visit, learning about the different culture, visiting the Porto museum and seeing the country's famous landmarks. In addition, there were opportunities to socialize with many Portuguese and Italian Gymnasts.

We are very proud of Elsie's successes and wish her good luck as she competes in many other competitions. She trains very hard and her dedication towards Gymnastics is amazing. She is an inspiration to many other people.

Here is a link to a video of Elsie’s most recent International Competition, showing her routines and some clips of the social and cultural part of the trip: